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Creating an annual travel calendar is one of the first things we do as the new year starts. It not only gives us a clear picture of what our travel plans look like, it also ensures we maximize the opportunities to travel. In other words, designing a yearly travel calendar helps us travel more. If you have always dreamed of travelling more, if travelling is important to you, don't let your hunger for travel just be a dream. Make it a plan. In this article we guide you on how to go about convertin...

When it comes to planning for a trip, every traveler spends time to search for deals to book tickets, research to make a perfect travel itinerary, browse through numerous hotels to book the best one and shop for clothes suited for the destination. What most of the travelers overlook is what to pack to make their overall trip comfortable. Research shows that 80-90% of travelers do not have a packing check-list and pack their bags in a frenzy at the very last minute. Hence they tend to forget carr...

We all love short trips where we pack our bags on Friday evening just a couple of hours before our scheduled departure time, go there, be there and come back to city by Monday morning with sleepy face (kidding!) and tons of memories. Isn't it?

The tough decision would be picking up a location to spend the weekend which can get tricky as you may need a lot of deliberation to pick the right place to suit your mood, interests and budget. After location, it may take another few rounds of online brows...

India is a vast country in South Asia. The country is diverse in every way. When planning a trip to India, you can visit overpopulated cities, rural villages, the Himalayan mountains or the Indian Ocean. The people who live in India are as diverse as the terrain. There are many religions and cultures represented in India. First-time travelers to India often experience cultural shock. Make no mistake; India is a unique country unlike any other. Visitors are encouraged to do in-depth research befo...

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