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About - Our Philosophy


We feel that the world we see is much more beautiful through the lens than without it. Somehow when there is a camera in our hands, we do not need to go around looking for fairytales, we do not need to go around creating fairytales...

All we need to do is hold the camera, look through the lens, and click! 

We are not sure whether there are countless moments around us which are worth clicking, or because we love clicking we see countless worthy moments....

All we know is there are fairytales all around us - The sleepy face of your loved one in the morning, the vapours from the tea cup, the patterns on road called traffic, a child carrying his bag to school, the eyes of a beggar, the tears of a bride, the skeleton of a dried down tree, the mist on the winter grass, the arbitrary countors of a cloud, the definitive form of a ripple, the hawker selling stuff on signals, the might of a mountain, the piercing ray of light, the footprints in sand, the joy of journey, the designs of shadows, the intensity of the colour... the list is infinite.... the fairytales are endless....

But apart from capturing the fairytales around us, what drives us is the fact that the camera sees both ways! While every photographer tries saying something through his photographs, there is actually a bigger hidden story other way round. The story that the photographs say about the photographer. For us, while the camera helps us see these fairytales around us, it also helps us see a fairytale within us! 

"A Mirror can only show you what you look like,

A Camera can show you who you are"

- Fairytale Studios         


Aspiring to live the ultimate nomadic life...

A life where every morning one steps out to explore unknown places, not to get stuck in traffic on the way to office,

A life where mountains and beaches are your places of work,

A life where your client is future self, asking you to ensure your time is well spent..

A life where your boss is your past self, demanding his dreams are achieved,

A life where one goes home to take a break from travel,

A life where one owns the roads not the cars,

A life that is fairytale... 


While photography is enough to take you back to the moments & memories that have passed, the amount of detail it can capture is still limited. The visual appeal itself becomes its shortcoming. That is where a blog fills in.

To us, blogging serves two main purposes - Firstly it bonds with our photographs to complete the picture of our past. And secondly it strives to develop a complete picture for our readers planning to visit the place in future. It thus weaves through time prolonging the impact of fleeting yet beautiful experiences.

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