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We are not one of those who do only weddings or wildlife or nature etc. If there is something interesting, something worth capturing, we are ready to shoot. We believe whoever invented the concept of specialization, simply was not talented enough to shoot variety. A painter does not paint only animals, you do not eat only one type of food!! Surely you may have your favourite food but try eating it all the time. Man is born with heterogenous tastes, man thrives on diversity. Similarly, we believe our tastes for different forms of photography makes us better photographers.


We do specialize, We specialize in photography!


  • Workshops - Photography & Design workshops​​

  • Photo & Video shoots - Individual, couple, family, baby, group, conceptual, portraits

  • Events - Weddings, parties, sports, concerts

  • Design - Photo Frames, Albums, Photobooks, Wall gallery, Wedding website, Calendars, Cards etc.

  • Print - Photos, Albums, Photobooks, Canvas prints, Calendars, Cards, Customized products etc.​


We are not tourists, we are travellers. We do not go sightseeing, we go exploring.

We are mad nomads who get itchy staying indoors.

Tie-ups with numerous travel portals & brands makes it viable for us to feed our wanderlust.

We can extend this advantage to you and help you with travelling in the following ways:


  • Travel with us - We anyway travel through the year. Join us on our photo tours

  • Consult us - Planning to travel somewhere but not sure about hotels, itineraries etc. We would be more than happy to extend our knowledge, expertise and learnings with you for free. 


If photography is music, our blog is lyrics.

Colors blend with words to echo the song of our hearts

Through our blog we attempt to record our experiences, facts, learnings and recommendations:


  • Travel blogs - We document our experiences in the form of a travelogue

  • Photography blog - Our photography blogs span articles on photography education, product reviews to documenting photoshoots, weddings and more.

  • Reviews - We review brands such as hotels, resorts, experience providers, products etc. & publish them in our blog as well as social media

  • Tips - We publish travel & photography tips in the form of articles & blogs

  • Guest posts - We collaborate with other bloggers & content publishers to write guest posts

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