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Fairytale Travels

If you are interested in travelling there are 2 ways in which we could help you

Travel with us

You can tag along with us on our travel plans if it is suitable and convenient to you. You do not need to worry about itinerary or bookings or even costs. We will take care of everything and our tie-ups with number of travel portals and partners ensure the cost is minimal. Our photography expertise are obviously available to you during our trips.


Check out our travel plans for this year here. 



Consult us

Any person does 2 primary things to make travel plans -

First stage -  One does some research and gets details of destination to chart out itinerary or select a ready itinerary.

Second stage - One figures out which best travel agent or travel portal to book complete packages or specific hotels, flights from.


No matter at which stage of planning you are -

Before 1st where you do not have any idea what your itinerary should look like,

Or between 1st and 2nd stage where you know the itinerary but are not sure where to book package/hotel/flights from,

We can help you.


Check out details and know how it could be highly beneficial to you if you make your travel plans through us.

If you are brand looking for ways to collaborate with us, click here.

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