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If you are a brand looking for influencers in the field of travel and photography, you have landed on the right page.


Give your brand instant access to an active and highly engaged audience.


Fairytale Studios creates authentic and original content that moves their readers from dreaming about a trip to making that trip a reality.

Why work with us?

Work with us to leverage the reach and credibility of a respected name in the social media and increase your brand's exposure.


We garner more than 5000 views across our website and social media channels every week.

This translates to an opportunity to influence more than 3500 users every week.


What is even more interesting is the nature of our audience -

  • Most of our audience, 56% comes from India and 31% from US. Rest of the audience is distributed throughout the world. Almost all our users come from tier 1 urban cities.

  • Most of our audience, 54% are in the age group of 25 to 34. 33% are 18 to 24 years of age while remaining are above 35 years.


This shows a strong affinity of our work with young Indians & americans who have high disposable incomes and low responsibilities. Thus resulting in higher urge to get out and explore the world around them. From adventure to culture, eco-friendly activities to new experiences, home stays to luxury suites, technology to fashion, they are willing to try it all.

Brands that have partnered with us

  • Accommodation - Sing hotels, Red hills nature resort, Joy's resorts & hotels, WelcomHeritage group of hotels, Vijayshree resorts & heritage village and many more

  • Transportation - Jet airways, Zoomcar

  • Online aggregators - Makemytrip, Cleartrip, Yatra hotels, Oyo,, Expedia,, Treebo, Travelguru

  • Activities - LocalGuddy, Nearbuy, Cleartrip, Makruzz, Pioneer Adventures

How we can partner

  • Destination marketing campaign

    • Need experienced content creators & professional photographers to market your hotel/resort, destination, event, product or service?

    • We experience what your destination has to offer and design creative and engaging content in a genuine and convincing manner

    • We market this content through our blog posts, email marketing and social media updates with proven history of high reach and engagement

    • We can collaborate on the theme and broad messaging of the campaign provided they echo our personal opinions.

You can check out some examples of our blog posts here - Redhills,  LePondy .

  • Sponsor a post or giveaways - 

    • You can sponsor a blog or social media post or a series of posts themed around your marketing strategy

    • You can sponsor giveaways through contests or events

  • Social media campaigns -

    • If your focus is only any specific social media, we can create social media specific campaigns reach to users across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus.

  • Photographs or videos -

    • Do you want some professional photographs or video covering your destination?

    • We specialize in bringing out the beauty through our photographs and can arrange to license low or high resolution photographs in print or soft copies to you. You can use these for your marketing through hoardings, brochures, website or social media as per your requirements

  • Content creation -

    • We can partner on designing online or offline content for you which can be used for your marketing

  • Advertising -

    • Number of brands have partnered with us to post display or contextual advertisements

    • We can offer key real estate in our blogs where readers spend most of their time for showing your banner ads

  • Product or Service sponsor -

    • Want your product or service to be reviewed and written about?

    • We can collaborate on specific blog or social media posts themed purely around your product or service

Next Steps

We would love to connect with you, here your ideas and discuss possible partnerships which results in a win-win relationship. We are sure we can work something out together. 

Call / WhatsApp us on +91 96421 96214 or

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