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How to quickly pack for a weekend trip in less than 30 minutes

We all love short trips where we pack our bags on Friday evening just a couple of hours before our scheduled departure time, go there, be there and come back to city by Monday morning with sleepy face (kidding!) and tons of memories. Isn't it?

The tough decision would be picking up a location to spend the weekend which can get tricky as you may need a lot of deliberation to pick the right place to suit your mood, interests and budget. After location, it may take another few rounds of online browsing sessions, phone calls to friends or recommendations from your favourite travel portals or blogs (like this one) to pick up the right flight/train and hotel to fit your needs like glove.

Quick Packing
Luggage loaded for a weekend trip :P

And then comes your last step. Packing for the trip!!!

This one should be easy and get done in shortest possible time like in less than 30 minutes. Not sure? I am sure you will be confident after reading the below steps that I have put together for you.

Let's start.

First Step - Think (5 minutes):

Is that the actual name of the step? Yes it is and it is an important one. It is all about just thinking. Some serious thinking.

Close your eyes and try to remember the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your destination. Is it the beaches or hills or lakes or shopping malls or restaurants or casinos. Remember what comes to your mind and pick how do you want to feel in that place. Do you want to feel casual, relaxed, playful, tough, stylish, sexy or silly (no offense)? Choose and stick with it. If it hard to stick to, write it on a sticky notes and stick it to the wall or mirror you will look at frequently till your packing is complete.

Minimalisti packing

For more inspiration, you may check your pins from your travel board on Pinterest or those screenshots or collections saved using your Instagram profile. But, I am sure we all are capable of killing at least 90 minutes before making any decision with our phone in hand and social apps open. We are talking about quick packing here. So, come back to the reality as quickly as possible, put the phone aside and keep the chosen keyword in mind and go to next step.

Pick your bag (2 minutes):

This one is a no brainer. You already have your go-to bag in mind. Isn't it? If not, choose any small or medium sized bag with a couple of pockets that is easy to carry around. Backpacks work best, if you ask me.

Pick your clothes (10 Minutes):

Typical weekend getaways include day time activities planned for two days, a dinner, late night party or pool party or bonfire (depends on your destination and people travelling along with you), a sumptuous breakfast (if you are a morning person) and a little shopping session. A lot of variations are possible but to simplify, let us stick to the basics. Now think of the mood you chose and pick up the clothes that fit the theme.

Start with your comfortable basic clothing item (favourite denim or short or dress) that can be easily dressed up or down with a simple add-on. Now throw in a couple of tops or shirts that go well with the first item chosen. You may begin to worry that they may not be enough but we are only talking about two days here. Come on and fret not.

Footwear (2 Minutes):

One to wear during travel and another pair for use at the destination. Again your choice depends on your destination and mood. Preferably, keep an extra pair of clean socks ready if it is winter or rainy season, just in case.

Accessories (3 Minutes):

Now this component can a add a lot of personality to you and the outfits your picked already. The options are plenty and girls don't need advice here but guys, you have no reason to be left behind. Pick up your go-to shades or cap or bracelet, any one of them is actually enough, to play it cool.

Accessories - Belt

Toiletries (Girls!!! read this as cosmetics) (4 minutes):

The last and best piece of advice I can give is to stick to basics unless you have a special party/event planned during your trip that requires extra attention and care during packing. To keep things simple, begin packing for this section with a tooth paste, comb, soap (liquid or bar), moisturizer, hand sanitizer, pack of tissues and sunscreen. Girls can add their go-to lipstick, foundation, eyeliner and/or mascara that they use almost daily. Nothing more is required.

So lets do a quick recap -

Think (5 mins)

+ Pick your bag (2 mins)

+ Clothes (10 mins)

+ Footwear (2 mins)

+ Accessories (3 mins)

+ Toiletries (4 mins)

= Complete packing in 26 mins!!!

Ahem!! Now you are actually left with few minutes to add charger, water bottle, camera etc. as per need and close the zipper. Keep the bag aside and smile!

You have done it. I said it is easy. Didn't I?

Did this blog help you pack up quickly? Do you have any other tip which we could add to this list? Let us know your thoughts in comment section below.

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