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10 tips to book cheap flight tickets

We are sure you have all been through endless searching while trying to book the cheapest possible flights. With so many travel websites and the dynamic changes in flight rates, we tend to spend a lot of time looking for deals, coupons, special promotions, and offers to save money on flights. We understand how major budget allocation for each trip goes towards airfare. These secret tips from us will help you book a cheap flight without putting a hole in your pocket.

1. Make use of multiple search engines

No single search engine is perfect. Always try a combination of search engines to ensure you are not missing out on the cheapest flight. Many travel websites do not list budget airlines. It’s always better to compare the prices with third-party booking sites before going ahead and booking with one.

2. Use airline points or miles

If you are a frequent flyer of a specific airline, you earn air miles or points as part of their loyalty program. You can accumulate these points and then redeem them for booking your next flight. Same goes with specific credit cards that offer travel rewards in the form of points on hitting the minimum spent. Premium credit cards also give free lounge access which helps you if you have taken a red eye flight (read on to know more).

3. Fly with budget or local airlines

Budget airlines always offer cheap airfares than their traditional premium counterparts. If you are travelling to remote places, it is always advisable to check for local airlines. Sure, you will have to compromise a bit on comfort and meals, but budget and local airlines surely help fulfil your long-term travel dreams without breaking the bank. For example, Flyadeal is Saudi Arabia's new low-fare airline. Cleartrip offers great deals and discounts on Flyadeal Airlines ticket booking. So, if you plan to visit Saudi Arabia, you should not miss out on this offer.

4. Book early

Airfares generally rise closer to the departure date. Best time to book a flight is 5-7 weeks before your departure. If you are travelling to a destination in its peak season, its better to book still earlier. Do not, we repeat, do not wait on an unknown sale. However, booking very early is also not the best option. As per a research study, the airfares are moderate at the very start (i.e. 3-4 months before the departure), they keep on declining in the middle time (i.e. 1-2 months before the departure) and then again start rising during the last 3-4 weeks. Try to locate that sweet middle spot.

5. Be flexible with your dates

Flight costs vary a lot based on the approaching festivals, peak seasons of travel, day of the week, and time of the year. The solution is to fly after a major holiday or festival time, during the off-season, and on weekdays in place of weekends. Being flexible with your travel dates can help you save a lot of money. Search for alternative dates or lookout for the entire calendar month fare to book that cheap flight.

6. Look out for special deals or festival offers

The best way to get to know about the upcoming deals and offers, follow pages of airlines on various social media handles. Last minute deals offered by several travel portals can also help you save up on flight tickets. Always keep an eye on the festival special deals and anniversary promotions.

7. Set price alerts

Once you finalise your destination and date of travel, set an airfare alert. This option is available on most portals. They will notify you if there is any drop in airfare. So, if you have a lot of time left before your travel, it's better to wait and track the airfares.

8. Fly from alternative airports

In some cases, flying to a larger airport near your destination will save you money. Flying to the destination may not be always a cheap way to travel. So take a cheaper flight to nearby airport and reach your destination via road or rail.

9. Fly at odd hours

Generally, early morning and late-night flights are cheaper than the ones that fly during the day-time as there is less demand for these. Backpackers and solo-travellers can explore this option to fly at odd times. We have benefited ourselves by taking plenty of red-eye flights. Having a travel credit card makes it easy to take a such flights as you can relax in the lounges for free.

10. Use hand-baggage only fare

If you are a backpacker or travelling solo with less luggage, always look for hand-baggage only flights. The airline expense increase when the flight is heavy, hence they provide incentives to people carrying less baggage. It’s always wise to buy a razor or deodorant from the city you are visiting than carrying it in your bag and paying extra for the check-in luggage.

Hope these tips help you with booking flight at cheap airfares. However, do not get all frenzied trying to bring down the flight cost. While its always great to find deals and discounts, check if all the hard work in finding such deals is really worth your time. Let us know if we missed some trick that you use often.



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