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Top 10 Tranquil Escapes of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most tranquil and underrated destinations in Asia. It is an often-overlooked and seldom-visited country. From pristine mountains to emerald lakes, epic adventures to archaeological sites, and diverse culture to incredible hospitality, Pakistan has it all! With Serene Air, Pakistan’s premium airline, offering comfortable and cheap travel to several destinations in Pakistan, the country is moving towards a tourism boom. Here are the top 10 tranquil escapes in Pakistan that you must definitely include in your itinerary.

Top 10 Tranquil Escapes of Pakistan

1. Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley is an alpine Valley located in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. River Kunhar flows through the valley, which is surrounded by green mountains covered by alpine trees and snowy tops. Kaghan Valley is known for the nearby beautiful lakes namely Saif-ul-Malook Lake and Lulusar Lake that change colour depending on the sunlight and the time of the day. Babusar Pass which connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Gilgit Baltistan is the highest point of the Kaghan Valley and is open from June to September.

2. Hunza Valley

Often called the hidden gem of Pakistan, Hunza Valley is located in the Gilgit-Balochistan province. The best viewpoints to enjoy the entire Hunza Valley view are the Baltit Fort and the Eagle's Nest. The stunningly shimmering Attabad Lake should not be missed when visiting Hunza Valley. This turquoise water lake was formed after a massive landslide hit the area in 2012. Other must-visit attractions in Hunza Valley are the Hussaini Suspension Bridge, Passu Cones, and Borith Lake.

Top 10 Tranquil Escapes of Pakistan
Attabad Lake, Hunza Valley

3. Kalash Valley

Bunched up on the Afghan border in the far northwest of Pakistan, Kalash is an indigenous group of people who still lived as our ancestors lived centuries ago. Kalash Valley’s landscape is spectacular and the villages bloom with enchanting culture. Here, you can live with a local Kalash family in their homestays, learn about their culture, and eat Kalash food. The tribe speaks its own language, practises its own religion, and wears traditional dresses. You can also try your hand at several treks in the region.

Top 10 Tranquil Escapes of Pakistan
Kalash Tribe

4. Swat Valley

Rightly labelled as the ‘Switzerland of India’ by Queen Elizabeth II, Swat Valley is amongst the most scenic valleys of Pakistan. Located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and once under the Taliban stronghold, Swat Valley is now a safe place to visit. In Swat Valley, hike to the Spin Khwar Lake, explore the Buddhist ruins around Mingora, visit the Mahodand Lake, tour the Marghazar White Palace, and enjoy adventure sports in Malam Jabba.

Top 10 Tranquil Escapes of Pakistan
Swat Valley covered under a blanket of snow

5. Neelum Valley

Located in the northernmost district of Azad Kashmir, near the capital Muzaffarabad, Neelum Valley is home to freshwater streams, crystal-clear rivers, and verdant forests. Because of the Indo-Pak tension at the Line of Control, this valley remained out of tourist radar for a very long time, making it one of the most offbeat places to visit in Pakistan. The valley offers some wonderful hikes for alpine trekkers, like trekking to Naran and Ratti Gali Lake. Visitors can also explore the remains of Sharda Peeth, a notable temple and enjoy water sports.

6. Fairy Meadows

Located in the Diamer district of Gilgit-Baltistan province, Fairy Meadows is blessed with matchless beauty. The meadows are at the base of the Nanga Parbat Mountain. Although challenging to reach, Fairy Meadows offers an incredible view of the Nanga Parbat. The place is not for the faint-hearted as you need to undertake a death-defying ride in a jeep for 1-2 hours, followed by a 3-hour hike to reach here. But once you reach here, the journey will seem worth it. Fairy Meadows is a paradise for trekkers and nature enthusiasts.

Top 10 Tranquil Escapes of Pakistan
Nanga Parbat Mountain as seen from Fairy Meadows

7. Ranikot Fort

Also famously known as the ‘Great Wall of Sindh’, Ranikot Fort is the world’s largest fort with a circumference of approximately 32 kilometres. Located in the Jamshoro district of the Sindh province, the fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ranikot Fort stands in the middle of nowhere and defends nothing, which is a little mysterious. The fort structure is constructed out of stone and lime mortar. Ranikot Fort makes for a perfect day-trip destination from Karachi.

Top 10 Tranquil Escapes of Pakistan
Ranikot Fort

8. Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park is situated in the Lasbela district of the Balochistan province in Pakistan. The national park is a treasure trove of natural attractions. Covered in drift sand and surrounded by strange rock formations, Hingol National Park seems like another planet. Due to erosion caused by changing weather, many natural structures have popped up here, like the Princess of Hope and the Lion of Balochistan (sphinx of Pakistan). However, the most amazing geological feature is the mud volcanoes, which are also considered holy.

Top 10 Tranquil Escapes of Pakistan
Princess of Hope, Hingol National Park

9. Deosai National Park

Deosai National Park is a fertile plateau in the Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. Known for its lush greenery, Deosai is the world’s highest plateau located at an altitude of 4114 metres. The plateau is home to endless grasslands that are only accessible from June to September. During the peak wildflower season in July, the plateau is blanketed under a sheet of flowers of every shade imaginable. Sheosar Lake is one of the main attractions in Deosai National Park, where locals flock to picnic.

10. Khewra Salt Mine

Situated in the Mianwali district of Punjab Province, Khewra Salt Mine is the world’s second-largest salt mine. Discovered back in the time of Alexander the Great, the salt mine is known for the ‘Himalayan rock salt’. Back in the day, the Britishers built a rail line to take the tourists inside the mine, which is still operational today. Inside the mine, you can walk through tunnels having salt icicles and stalactites. Various monuments made of colourful salt blocks are on display, like motifs of the Badshahi Tomb and Minar-e-Pakistan. The Khewra Salt Mine is an easy day trip from Islamabad or Lahore. Serene Air booking options are available to both of these destinations.

Top 10 Tranquil Escapes of Pakistan
Minar-e-Pakistan at Khewra Salt Mine

Pakistan’s immense natural beauty is attracting more and more tourists every year. If you want these incredible places to yourself, now is the best time to visit. Many travel portals offer quick and easy Serene Air booking options. Go ahead and book your flights! We hope this blog inspires and helps you plan a travel itinerary for Pakistan.

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