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Review: 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby

You know that we love travelling. So much that we travel someplace each month - that makes a minimum of 12 trips a year and sometimes even more. Being on the road, meeting new people, learning new things and seeing the landscape change every 50 kilometres are the highs of travelling. But hey, travelling is not all fun always! The worst part is packing and unpacking. Next comes arranging all the things. Over the years we have optimized a lot of our travel gear and use some essential travel accessories to suit our frequent needs of travelling. Recently we got ourselves a passport holder and believe us it has helped immensely in our document organization. Passports, visa, currency, boarding pass, credit cards and hotel confirmation vouchers - you need it all while travelling. After searching through our bags for all the documents one after the another at the airport and permit offices, the passport holder from Urby has proved to be our saviour. In this article, we are going to review the 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' that we received from Urby - a premium lifestyle and travel essential brand.

The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby
The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby

All about Urby: We loved the story of Ashutosh, the founder of Urby. It seems he lost his favourite wallet in India - one that he bought from the US. The same wallet was being sold at double the price in India; hence he started to look for some alternatives. The alternatives that he found were cheap but hardly met his expectations of quality and design. After a long hunt for the perfect wallet, he ended up buying the same wallet by paying the double price but he never forgot the rip-off. And that's when the idea of designing and manufacturing essentials for an urban lifestyle at non-luxury prices struck him and Urby was born. Urby's approach is to cut through the traditional retail model where many middlemen are involved, and sell its products directly to the customers at fewer prices.

What Urby sells and our experience on their website: Urby sells its premium essentials with the finest craftsmanship in India through its website It's products are available online only. You can find products ranging from all kinds of wallets, passport holders, travel accessories and bags on its website. Selecting one passport holder from their limited edition was a difficult task. They come in all sorts of different colors and varieties.The prices of the passport holders started at INR 990. After scrolling endlessly through Urby's collection, we narrowed down on the 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' in Spanish brown colour. To make it more special we got our passport holder from Urby personalised with the name of our venture.

The personalization can be done in your choice of foil colour from golden or silver at an extra cost of INR 150. Placing an order on the website is easy and smooth and Urby promises you free shipping and 1-year material guarantee. Their 15-day no questions asked return policy is another cherry on a cake. They deliver the products directly to their customers through FedEx in 1-5 business days.

The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby
The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby

Receiving our 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' from Urby and its packaging: We received our 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' from Urby in the time slot that they had promised. The passport holder was beautifully packed in a black box embossed with the brand name - Urby. Inside the black box was a cute canvas drawstring pouch which held our new passport holder. The quality of packaging was superior and classy and we received our product absolutely undamaged thanks to so many layers of packing.

The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby
The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby

The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby: The very first look of the passport holder that we received from Urby and we were sold. It has a sleek design and the finishing is neat. Stitches are clean and seamless. No threads dangle around from any corner of the passport holder. It's like a booklet made of genuine leather. It felt like a luxury product to us and we were so happy and glad to have chosen the neutral and unisex Spanish brown colour. On opening the booklet like passport holder, we found that the inner material was more soft and smooth tanned leather. Our venture name was embossed on the left side of the booklet in golden colour. It is highly commendable of Urby to give its customers such a personalised experience - we would love to gift our friends such personalised products from Urby in future.

The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby
The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby

On both the sides of the Urby passport holder booklet, there are slots to store various different documents. Yes, it is not only a passport holder but it can easily accommodate a few other documents. Towards the left there are 5 slots in total - 3 slots in the middle for credit cards or licence; one slot towards the bottom for loose cash, passport size photographs or any other important document; and one bigger slot at the top for storing visas and boarding passes. The biggest slot is on the right side of the booklet to store passport. The passport holder slot is basically a slide-in section where one can slide the last outer back cover of the passport. And there's room for more. The back side of the booklet of this sleek 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' from Urby has a bonus additional slot for any other document like hotel receipts, business/ visiting card etc.

The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby
The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby
The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby
The 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby

Specifications of the 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' by Urby:

Our 'Wanderlust Passport Holder' from Urby is very tough and durable and we are sure that it is handcrafted to last for long. The suede leather looks classy and adds style to our travel gear. Moreover, the price range of all the passport holders on Urby are extremely affordable and did not put a hole in our pocket. You can check out Urby's passport holders' collection here. We recommend all the frequent travellers out there to get one such passport holder from Urby. You can also browse through their site - for more of such premium and affordable products.


After having a satisfactory experience with Urby's passport holders, we now plan to try out their wallet section. Urby has various types of lovely men's wallets and women's wallets and we cannot wait to get our hands on one.

Do you own a passport holder? How does your passport holder look like? Do you think it is an essential travel gear to possess? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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