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    • Exploring Padum in Zanskar - The Zanskar Odyssey

      Hope you have read all the previous posts of Zanskar trip right from Day 1. Karsha Monastery, Padum - Zanskar Valley: After breakfast, we drove towards Karsha monastery. Karsha monastery is the largest and most important monastery of the Zanskar region. The houses in Zanskar are generally two storeyed with a very different roof. Bardhan Monastery, Padum - Zanskar Valley: After lunch we headed to Bardhan monastery.

    • Reaching Padum: Capital of Zanskar - The Zanskar Odyssey

      Padum is the largest town of Zanskar and is considered to be the headquarters of Zanskar valley. Penzila Pass, Zanskar Valley: We soon reached the mountain pass called as Penzila Pass on the way. It is located in the Stod valley and might be possibly the oldest monastery of Zanskar region. We were finally at the heart of Zanskar after travelling around 4000 kilometres across 4 days. Read all our blogs of the series The Zanskar Odyssey by clicking on the links below: 1.

    • Leh to Kargil - The Zanskar Odyssey

      Day 2 of the trip The Zanskar Odyssey is a series of 7 blogs which describes our journey through Zanskar Valley, a remote yet beautiful region of India. Indus originates in Tibet close to the Mansarovar Lake whereas Zanskar has two branches of its origin – first is the Doda and second is the Lungnak River; both merging in Zanskar central valley. The festival showcases the present-day culture of Ladakh and Zanskar Valley. This was day 2 of our Zanskar Odyssey. Read all our blogs of the series The Zanskar Odyssey by clicking on the links below: 1.

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    • Fairytale Studios | India | Photography - Animals / Wildlife

      You come to an understanding with them Fairytale Studios-Animal Photography Horses grazing without a care in the world in Zanskar, India. Its called a CHAIN Fairytale Studios-Animal Photography A himalayan cow, grazing along side beautiful Statso and langtso lakes at Penzila pass, Zanskar.

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