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Dudhsagar Plantation & Farmstay - Offbeat Goa

The sound of chirping birds awakened us on a damp morning in Goa. Lazily walking outside on the verandah of our cottage, we witnessed the spice plantation bathing in warm sunlight. This was the beginning of our love affair with Goa’s spice estate. We had just spent a peaceful night in Goa’s best farm stay accommodation – Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay. The plantation also is the perfect hub to explore the surrounding forests of Bhagawan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuary and some waterfalls in it such as the famous Dudhsagar falls and Tambdi Surla Temple & waterfalls. Opting to stay in Dudhsagar Plantation and Farm stay turned out to be a wise decision and in this review of the property we will make you believe the same.

Dudhsagar Plantation in Goa is an offbeat accommodation where you can experience farmstay and stay close to Dudhsagar falls and other interesting places to visit
Dudhsagar Plantation in Goa is an offbeat accommodation where you can experience farmstay and stay close to Dudhsagar falls and other interesting places to visit

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Stay at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay – A review - This article


Location of Dudhsagar Plantation:

Dudhsagar Plantation, surrounded by forests of the Western Ghats, is a 30-acre estate that stands amidst the aroma of spice gardens. No matter how much we live in an urban city, our souls always lie in the countryside. Eager to ditch the city life for a few days and spend a peaceful time in a traditional manner made us choose this family-run farm stay in a typical village in Karmane district of Goa. It is around 50 kms to the east of Goa International airport on the edge of Mollem National Park which is now renamed as Bhagwan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuary.

The Dudhsagar Plantation Estate:

Doris and Ajit Malkarnekar started cultivating this estate into a spice plantation in the 1980’s. Today, it is run and managed by Ajit and his son Ashok. With swaying palm trees, lush green landscape, fruit-bearing trees, spices, medicinal plants, and an eco-friendly swimming pool, Dudhsagar Plantation is completely in sync with nature and is a paradise for nature lovers. The farm stay started in 2012, is nurturing local biodiversity by rainwater harvesting, converting waste to biogas and protecting the flora and fauna.

Our first impression of Dudhsagar Plantation:

The roads that lead to Dudhsagar Plantation are smooth and in excellent condition. As soon as we reached Dudhsagar Plantation, we were welcomed by the fragrant smell of the spices. The parking area followed the staff quarters and cowshed. We were warmly greeted by Ashok and his son Alex in the huge dining space. By just the first look of the property, we were assured that we made the right decision to come here. The dining space is huge with a thatched patio and lots of seating space. A bar designed on one end and music woofers complete the look.

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As we were escorted to our room, we passed through plantation resembling a tropical forest with tall betel nut, palm and banana trees. Our cottage was spacious and simplistic with a double bed and a large washroom with adequate ventilation giving us a feeling of being close to nature. A huge verandah that opened in the front was great for a morning tea and a light snack. The 5 cottages were very well spaced apart to provide the privacy and feeling of oneness with nature. One of the cottage is a family cottage in case a larger group visits the place.

Our cottage during our stay at Dudhsagar Plantation in Goa, India
Our cottage during our stay at Dudhsagar Plantation in Goa, India

The Spice Tour in Dudhsagar Plantation:

In the evening, Ashok took us on one of the many farmstay activities – Spice Tour! Guiding us along the spice plantations in the spice garden, Ashok educated us about the different types of spices that were grown in this fertile land. We saw almost all kinds of spices like nutmeg, pepper, betel nut, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon; fruits trees like banana, pineapple, sapota, mango, papaya, butter fruit, passion fruit; the nitrogen-fixing plants and Goa’s famous cashew trees. We also happened to see an old well, a biogas plant, animals including pet dogs, cows and a porcupine while on the tour. The slurry from the biogas plant is further used as a fertilizer for the plants. Ashok explained to us how local alcohol – Kaju Feni (an alcoholic beverage made of cashew) is made at the in-house distillery. Spending his childhood in these estates, Ashok has tried to perfect his art of making Urak (beverage milder than Feni and made only in Goa). When we finally got to taste his in-house brew which he fondly calls Jungle Juice, we were reminded of the quaint bars in the small German towns.

Ashok explaining guests about spices in spice tour of Dudhsagar Plantation in Goa, India
Ashok explaining guests about spices in spice tour of Dudhsagar Plantation in Goa, India

Our fantastic host at Dudhsagar Plantation:

While cherishing the freshly cooked dinner, our host talked about how Goa has changed since the Portuguese left. Spending our free time in conversations with Ashok brought us closer to truly understanding the region’s complexities while enriching our journey with the rare tales of the Goan land. It was also interesting to know Ashok and his family, their global roots and goan hearts. Sipping on lemon tea post-dinner, Ashok helped us chart an itinerary for spending the next 2 days. Dudhsagar Plantation is a perfect base for visiting Dudhsagar Waterfalls and Tambdi Surla Temple and Tambdi Surla Waterfalls. Ashok and his son, Alex decided to accompany us to Tambdi Surla temple and falls the next day and to the Dudhsagar waterfalls on the day that followed.

We slept peacefully to the sound of croaking of frogs, the thundering of clouds, rustling of leaves, constant chirping of crickets, and pitter-patter of raindrops. The next day as we woke up, we could slowly see the jungle come alive with sunlight sneaking in through the tall trees, absolute peace being disturbed only by the singing of birds and the raw freshness of nature yielding a unique energy to the place. If only we could capture the experience in our cameras!

Morning rays sneaking inside the Dudhsagar plantation and farmstay
Morning rays sneaking inside the Dudhsagar plantation and farmstay

The Eco-Pool at Dudhsagar Plantation:

We spent our morning lazing around the eco pool overlooking the plantation. Ajit and Ashok have brilliantly grown water purifying aquatic plants towards the shallow end of the pool to keep the water clean and fresh all the time. They do not use chlorine or any other chemicals to clean the water in the pool. A dip in the pool was rejuvenating. Spending idle time and chatting around on the lounge chairs surrounding the pool was certainly the highlight of our trip. Even a tributary of Dudhsagar River flows by from behind the farm stay in which one can swim but due to the monsoon, the water was flowing with full force and hence we did not feel safe to dive into the deep water.

Tambdi Surla Waterfall and Temple near Dudhsagar Plantation:

Ashok drove us to the base of the trek to Tambdi Surla waterfall. He had trekked this route several times before and hence volunteered to be our guide. We are so grateful that he volunteered, else we would have certainly lost our way in the hills. While Ashok doubled up