The Brigadiers Cottage - Homestay in Mussoorie (near Kempty Falls) - A review

Mussoorie in Uttarakhand, India is a popular hill station flocked my many tourists through the year. While most visitors might prefer staying near Mall road - the most happening place in Mussoorie, we were looking for a quiet and peaceful accommodation in the countryside which would allow us to relax. Kempty falls, about 15 km away from Mussoorie is a famous waterfall visited by every tourist coming to Mussoorie. We found a boutique homestay near Kempty falls in just the perfect setting that we were looking for. In this article we will be reviewing The Brigadiers Cottage on the outskirts of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand and give you an insight on what it has to offer you.

The Brigadiers Cottage homestay near Kempty Falls, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand - India

The Brigadiers Cottage is a pet-friendly homestay located in the hills, approximately 15 kilometers away from the hustle-bustle of Mussoorie town in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This boutique homestay is just a 5-minute walk away from the very famous waterfall of Mussoorie – Kempty Falls. Though being so close in proximity to Kempty Falls, The Brigadiers Cottage homestay is reasonably away from its maddening crowd and noise yet very close to nature. The cottage is beautifully tucked on the edge of a mountain and is surrounded by forested hills on all the sides with the Kempty River flowing down deep in the valley.

The top view of The Brigadiers Cottage homestay near Kempty Falls, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand - India

The Brigadiers Cottage is owned by the loving couple, Mr. and Mrs. Verma, who come from a military family. The cottage is named as a tribute to Mr. Verma's father who was a brigadier. Mrs. Neetu Verma, manages The Brigadiers Cottage. She is a gracious and charming lady who was once into interior designing and jewellery designing and now has dedicated her time and efforts in providing unmatched hospitality to the guests who visit The Brigadiers Cottage.

View of valleys from The Brigadiers Cottage homestay near Kempty Falls, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand - India

The road trip from Mussoorie to The Brigadiers Cottage was scenic with the winding roads surrounded by tall Deodar trees. Just 500-meter drive from the Kempty Falls, we found a big signboard of The Brigadiers Cottage to the right. We were greeted by one of the caretaker boys’ right on the road who was waiting for our arrival. The Brigadiers Cottage is situated at the end of a steep pathway down from the main road. As we walked down to the homestay, we felt peaceful. The Brigadiers Cottage is away from the noise of honking vehicles on the road. The caretaker boys greeted us warmly, helped with our luggage and quickly showed us our room towards the newly made section of the property. The entrance is very thoughtfully done and there is ample parking space for the guests’ vehicles.

Our room at The Brigadiers Cottage was big, extremely spacious, warm and cosy. The room was complete with a king size bed with side lamps, a sofa, a TV and a cupboard. On a small table stood a tea/ coffee maker with delicious cookies in a jar. The floor was majorly covered with carpets and the linen was super comfortable. Best part was a large window that opened to a big balcony which further opened to the stunning views of the valley and the Kempty River flowing by. The ensuite bathroom was complete with a shower area, a basin and quality toiletries. We also had running hot water and an electric room heater to keep warm which was very thoughtful. Beautiful paintings adorned the walls of our room. Everything was in place and spic and span.

The staff at The Brigadiers Cottage very lovingly prepared tea for us on our arrival and we decided to sip it in the lounge area. We were pleasantly surprised the moment we stepped in the lounge area. It was tastefully done up with striking décor and bright colors. The doors to the lounge area opened to a statue of Lord Buddha extending calmness to the place. Further down was the fireplace with two very comfortable relaxing chairs next to it and a small library with a great collection of interesting books on varied genres. The area had ample seating space, the best being the one next to the large picture windows providing a splendid view of the hills and mountains outside. The yellow lights and the magnificent chandelier provided a warm vibe to the whole setting. The entire place was designed very gracefully taking into account the minute details and oozed comfort and luxury. The interiors also had some antique artistic collectibles. Some board games in the lounge area was a thoughtful addition completing the place.

The lounge area further led to a few other valley facing rooms and a dining area. The lobby to the dining area was painted with bright colors and was adorned with beautiful lamps. The dining area had a 10-seater dining table and an open kitchen. Other lobby areas around rooms were equally beautiful with artifacts and flower vases.

The best place at The Brigadiers Cottage was the sizable open terrace. The terrace offered a breathtaking panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges and the forests. Patio umbrella tables and chairs were placed on the terrace if one wants to just sit, relax and enjoy the views. The Brigadiers Cottage also has a temple located in the estate with lots of empty space where one can practice yoga and meditation.

At The Brigadiers Cottage, everything is personalized. We chose our own meal preference, our own meal timings and the dining space. One is even free to cook their own meals if they wish so. We had breakfast on the terrace and sipped tea relaxing in front of the fireplace. The staff provided utmost privacy yet were always there to tend to our requirements. They even offered us their scooter when we wished to explore the nearby villages. They made us feel at home and prepared delicious home-cooked meals for us. Once we asked them to prepare khichdi as we wanted to eat light and they prepared it just as per our taste and requirements with the right amount of spices. The buffet breakfast had an Indian option, tea/ coffee/ juice, bread, butter, jam, spreads and cookies. It was delightful listening to the chirping of birds and clucking of hens while having breakfast. One night, they arranged for a bonfire cum barbecue for us which was just so amazing. We never felt unsafe or left-out at The Brigadiers Cottage.

We spent a lot of time on the open terrace and in our balcony spotting the different species of birds and trying to photograph them. The surrounding trees attract a lot of birds. It was extremely relaxing to sunbathe on the terrace on winter mornings and lend our ears to the gurgling stream of water from the Kempty River flowing deep down the valley. We read books, lounged near the picture windows staring at the picturesque valleys, woke up to the sound of birds, binged on scrumptious food, relaxed in front of the burning fireplace, spotted constellations in the pitch dark nights and had a time of our life. We even worked for a while during the daytime, thanks to their high-speed wi-fi. At Brigadiers Cottage they provide a portable Airtel wifi device which you can carry with you in your pocket. So there is no need to connect to different networks at room and lounge, the wifi device goes where you go.

Meeting Mr. & Mrs. Verma was another highlight of our stay at The Brigadiers Cottage. Just getting to know their story and how they have been so courageous to put their lifetime earnings in building this cottage was just inspiring. Neetu was ever-smiling and customized everything she could for us to feel comfortable and at home. We talked like long lost friends with her about the place, the nearby areas, and about the culture in Mussoorie and Dehradun. She gave us tips for naturally making our hair soft and silky and shared recipes of her chocolate coated cookies with her. We tried out her recipe when we got back to our home and now chocolate coated cookies are our all-time go-to dessert and we are extremely grateful to her for being so family like. We even were informed that all the artistic paintings hung in The Brigadiers Cottage are made by her. She is also a tarot card reader and for us, she is a multi-tasker. We loved her passion and dedication to maintain the cottage.

View from Brigadiers Cottage terrace area in night

Did we tell you that your four-legged friends can accompany you on your vacation to The Brigadiers Cottage? They are a pet-friendly homestay and themselves have 4 dogs. Zorro, their Tibetan Mastiff was playful and very affectionate.

What all can you do while at The Brigadiers Cottage:

1. Visit Kempty Falls – The waterfall is 5-minute walk away from The Brigadiers Cottage homestay. You can also enjoy the ropeway at the Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand - India

2. Visit nearby villages – The Brigadiers Cottage is surrounded by some picturesque villages. We visited the corn village Sainji, which was just 5 kilometers away. You can also visit the Bungalow Ki Kandi village and Atte ki chakki located nearby. Read more about Sainji village in our blog 'Unexplored places to visit near Mussoorie'.

Sainji village very close to Brigadiers cottage near Kempty falls, Mussoorie

3. Visit Mussoorie and Landour – You can go on a sightseeing tour of Mussoorie town and Landour. The staff at Brigadiers Cottage can arrange for a cab for you if need be.

4. Yamuna Bridge – You can take a trip to Yamuna River which is 15 kilometers away where you can enjoy river rafting and fishing. The staff at The Brigadiers Cottage can also prepare a lunch box for you for a picnic to Yamuna Bridge.

One can drive to Yamuna bridge from Brigadiers cottage and spend some time on the river

5. Visit the Kempty River – You can trek down the valley to the Kempty River and spend some good time there with a picnic basket.

6. Visit National Parks – The Benong National Park and The Jabarkhet Nature Reserve are not very far from The Brigadiers Cottage. You can plan to visit these while staying at the homestay. Read more about Jabarkhet nature reserve in our blog 'Unexplored places to visit near Mussoorie'.

Jabarkhet Nature Reserve near Mussoorie, Uttarakhand - India

7. Indulge in Kid’s activities – Your little ones can take the dogs for a walk, collect the eggs from the chickens, learn gardening, pluck the vegetables from their garden and play indoor and outdoor games.

Hens at Brigadiers cottage

8. Spend time at the cottage – You need not go anywhere. You can rest, relax, read books, spot birds, sip tea, sit around the fireplace, arrange a barbecue, light a bonfire and spend time with your loved ones on the open terrace or the balcony. The lovely surroundings and the tasteful interiors of the cottage can make your day.

We had an absolutely fulfilling time staying at The Brigadiers Cottage and we surely recommend this homestay to anyone who is looking out for some peace and serenity. It is also a perfect place if you want to go as a group and spend some time with your friends and family. A big shout-out to the Vermas to have brought up this excellent homestay and running it so well.


How did you like our review of The Brigadiers Cottage? Would you like to stay at this homestay? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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